It is a common practice on the market to advertise products with high % of CBD like “25% CBD oil”. After examining its contents closely, we may find in a majority of cases, that those high numbers refer not to the percentage of CBD in whole product, but only to the percentage of CBD in extract, that is only partially present in whole product.

So, for instance, one of the leading sellers on the market claims to sell 25% CBD oils. The details, however, contradict that – 10 ml is roughly 10.000 mg consisting of 9.500 mg of hemp oil and 500 mg extract. Those 25% are related only to the extract part – meaning it is in fact just 150 mg! We explain this further in one of our blog posts here.

With CBDex® our customers know exactly what they are buying: the % always represents how much CBD is in the full bottle. So, 5% in a 10-ml bottle is 500 mg of CBD, in a 20-ml bottle it is 1.000 mg.